Parsun Outboard Case Study 1

Parsun Outboard Case Study 1

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

It?s now several years since we published the first-ever test of the Chinese built Parsun outboard in Oz.




The 2-stroke 15hp engine was clamped onto the back of a Horizon 3.55 tinny, and we set about putting it through its paces as we have done with all the other competitive outboards over the years. As well, we made a video of the test as we knew it was going to have a major impact on the Australian outboard world. And boy, we got that right, didn?t we?




Parsun subsequently went on to carve out a very useful share of the Australian market and as more engines were released, the share and the Parsun reputation grew. Back at the beginning, we actually stated in the test and the subsequent video, that we really didn?t know how the Parsuns would go in the longer term as “only time will tell.”




Well, we?re now several years on and apart from the little 3.5 Parsun we?ve had ourselves, which just keeps on keeping on (and has now been sold to its new owner in Lake Macquarie NSW) we?ve been monitoring the progress of various installations to see how the Parsuns worked ?on the coalface?. This proved to be quite difficult because as we discovered in the process, a very large number of happy owners basically disappeared, never to be seen again because most of them were of “around the blockers” or families who had holiday shacks up and down the coast. As a result, the Parsun simply became part of their fishing and boating routine. Without exception, we?ve not had anything other than good reports from happy owners.




Even cynical fishermen who didn?t really expect them to last at all have been quietly amazed at their rugged performance, and whilst there is a universal recognition that perhaps the paint job wasn?t as good as some of the other brands, almost nobody cares. The thing that really matters ie, that they keep going and start easily, is very much in the Parsun?s favour.




“Frankly,” one grizzly Gold Coast fisho told me, “I don?t really give a stuff what it looks like – it just keeps going like a little beauty – and that?ll do me.” But we did get some other opinions and comments and we?d like to share them with you now as part of the growing file we have on Parsuns in action.


Case #1 – from Sydney




This is interesting because it involves a Boatshed in Guttamatta Bay near Cronulla in Sydney where one of the very first 15hp 2-stroke Parsuns was installed on the back of the local boatshed?s workboat (see pics).




For the best part of two and a half years, the little motor has been put to work every single day without missing a beat or a day. This is believed to be (easily) the hardest working Parsun in Australia. As was reported to F&B, “This motor gets used every single day. I can hear it start up most mornings around 5 am for Ian?s fishing charter business. I can still hear it running at 8 pm most nights when they are putting the houseboat back onto the mooring. Not only does Ian use this boat, but he lends it to two other fishing charter companies at the same time. Ian also uses this boat as a rescue boat when a storm?s come up and boats break their moorings.” “I?d feel 100% confident there is no other outboard at Guttamatta Bay in Cronulla that gets more use than this outboard.”





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